Testing Products

Eliminate unwanted and wasted heat output from the use of traditional passive loadbanks when testing your power product. With the use our active loadbank test products, you can offset your energy costs by injecting electricity back into the grid. The energy recovered will lead to an overall cost saving which will result in a rapid return on your investment.

Our Loadbanks have many applications for both AC and DC sources. For DC sources, we are able to test batteries, PV arrays, DC power supplies, and fuel cells. For AC sources, we are able to test gensets, inductors/transformers, AC power supplies, and inverters.

Our grid-tied utility interactive inverters are designed to track the available PV array power and export maximum power to the utility grid from sunrise to sunset. Features like auto wake-up at sunrise and unique EDA auto-learning wake-up software algorithms will maximize power harvesting. Included is a full control panel with a keypad, allowing for an easy-to-learn user interface.

Our 30kW Loadbank

Our 80kW Loadbank

Our 125kW Loadbank