DC Input Terminals (Version for medium voltage output transformer)

Nominal DC Input Current 936A  ADC
Maximum DC Input Current 1105A ADC
Operating Voltage Range 430 – 820 VDC
Maximum Voltage (Open circuit) 900 VDC
Number of Pairs of Input Terminals 8

System AC Outputs (to medium voltage transformer)

Phases 3-phase
Nominal Continuous Power 500 kW
Maximum 550kW
Nominal Voltage (L-L)  315 Vrms (Direct connect to MVT)
Voltage Operation Range (L-L) 273 – 340 Vrms ( Power limited below 290V)
Nominal Current 926 Arms
Frequency Controllable Range 57 – 63 Hz
Nominal Operation Frequency 60 Hz (59.3 – 60.5 Hz)
Power Factor Fixed at >0.99 (> 50%output Power)
Maximum Branch Circuit Current 1000 Arms
Maximum Continuous Power 500 kW (at nominal voltage)
Maximum Efficiency >98%
Maximum Output Fault Current <2000 A   (peak) for < 5ms


Current THD in Grid Mode <3.0% and meet UL 1741


Nominal Ambient Temperature 40oC (104oF) Full Power
Operating Ambient Temp. Range -20 oC to 50oC (-4 to 122oF)
Storage Temperature Range -30oC to 60oC (-22 to 140oF)
Humidity 0 to 95%
Altitude Derating over 2000m above sea level


Inverter Dimensions on Shipping Pallet 204W x 36D x 96H inches
3200 x 2112 x 600 mm
Inverter Weight 2,640 lbs
1,200 kg
Cooling System Weight (Estimated) 800 lbs
368 kg
Cooling System Specification Closed Loop 50/50 Water/Glycol Mixture