About Us

Rhombus Energy Solutions is a leader in power electronics and engineering solutions. Our team of engineers have over 20 years of experience in electronics and control algorithms, and come equipped with a multitude of patents and intellectual property. Evolving from a history of systems engineering and development of electric drive trains, fuel cells, and micro-turbines, Rhombus is leading the charge towards future technology with power conversion products that will have multiple uses. Our Photo-Voltaic (PV) solar and renewable technologies are some of our products that will accelerate profits by lowering costs, while considering environmental factors.

Headquartered San Diego, California with our high power group in Dearborn, Michigan, we come equipped with a fully functional, 10,000 square feet Alternative Energy Lab. Our efficient and streamlined process allows us to design, manufacture and test all of our products in-house. Some features of our lab include:

- Ability to connect to the grid with 208V and 480V 60Hz systems
- Ability to simulate the grid with 380V, 400V, 440V, and 460V 50Hz systems
- Capability of testing power converters of over 500kW
- Capability to test power converters in grid-connected or stand-alone models
- Flexibility with AC or DC voltages
- Four high-powered cells
- Testing to UL1741 and IEEE1547 standards

Our team is poised and ready from the moment you first share with us your energy system needs to the moment your power conversion products are installed. Our commitment to quality does not end as all of our products include a manufacturer’s warranty with options to extend. Let us know how we can deliver your green power solution today.